Belter 14 vs Seeker 14

The 14” pedal bikes are the smallest in the Belter and Seeker range. Both the Belter 14 and Seeker 14 share the same lightweight aluminium frame. They share the same brakes as well, equipped with the Tektro 837ALs and coupled with short reach levers for smaller hands. Both bikes also come with a conical bearing headset for smooth operation. Both bikes come with our award winning belt drive drivetrain. The Belter 14 and Seeker 14 have an inside leg of 37cm.

The key question between the two is what terrain will you be riding on? The Belter 14 with its slick road going Vee Speedster tyres is suited to road riding. It is also equipped with a bolt on seat clamp, so theft is made more difficult. A brown saddle adds the final touches to this smooth urban rider.

The Seeker 14 on the other hand is at home in the mud and trails. Chunky, knobbly Vee Crown Gem tyres boost grip in challenging terrain. A black saddle is equipped. Further aiding ease of use, a quick release seat clamp allows easy raising and lowering of the saddle – essential when riding down hills.

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