Belter 20 vs Seeker 20

Our 20” Belter and Seeker see the introduction of gears – your ride just got better.

The Belter 20 sticks true to its name and is equipped with our award-winning belt drive system. Coupled with a Sturmey Archer rear hub, housing a 4-speed internal system for slick gear shifting (thanks to it's twist shifter) and a low maintenance ride. The Belter 20 is setup as a long-distance urban bike, with fast, responsive controls that inspire confidence. Slick Vee Speedster 20*2.25” tyres ensure there is minimal rolling resistance on the open road, allowing the ride to carry on for that much longer. The Belter 20 has an inside leg of 52cm.

Based around a chain drive system, the Seeker 20 is built for trails and off-road adventure. With an 8-speed Box P4 setup with low ratio gears and a trigger shifter for rapid gear changes, the Seeker 20 is perfect for anything; from level trails, all the way up to steep hill climbs. Knobbly, wide Vee Crown Gem 20*2.25” tyres mean nothing is going to stop this bike. Coming down the other side of the hill, the large Promax hydraulic disc brakes guarantee awesome stopping power in any condition. The Seeker 20 has an inside leg of 54cm.

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