...adventurers, problem solvers, innovators, non-conformists, kids (at heart) and parents. We are also a little bit obsessive about what we do... 


'When I first started Early Rider, I had no idea of the journey we would take. It was meant as two fingers up to how kids were being brought up at the time, a thinly veiled play on Easy Rider. What I didn't realise is just how positively adventure in those early years can influence our children's later lives as well as our own.'Andy Loveland, Founder.

We didn’t intend to start a bike company, we were looking to make a life choice. It was always about balancing every day life with more of that irrepressible sense of freedom you get from riding a bike, or a snowboard, or a surfboard... It gives you a unique perspective on what's important, not to mention the incredible world around us, and that’s what I wanted for our two boys as well as for ourselves. 

And so they were always going to be out riding at the earliest opportunity, it was only a matter of what they got into first. It just so happened to be the bike, simply because it’s hands down the best way to give children the competence and confidence to be independently mobile and to get out exploring. If it had been a surfboard, or snowboard then that’s where Early Rider would have started instead. 


And so we saw riding bikes not as a milestone or a means to get to school, it was a vehicle for adventure. A symbol of a counter culture, shunning the idea that screen time and inactivity were to increasingly characterise our kids lives.


And so since 2005, everything we've done has focused on encouraging adventure in our children's lives. Whether it's within the local town, off the beaten track or hitting the trails. Wherever we ride we've dedicated the last 16 years to innovating ways to get the most out of every journey.

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